Well hi there! 

I’m Katie, the gal behind the lens in Louisville, KY. I specialize in family photographie {see what I did there ;) }. I love to shoot everything from newborn, maternity, kiddos, seniors, and group sessions + engagements ... if you're looking for something like that, I'm your girl.

The Gal Behind the Lens!

The Gal Behind the Lens!

I have always loved taking pictures and believe a single photograph tells a million stories. Photographie is an art I am so pleased to be able to share with my clients. I realized my love for photographie while I studied abroad in college (when you're staring at things like the Duomo in Florence, Italy while walking to class you can't help but feel inspired) and I have continued to let my passion for beautiful images follow me around. I love to travel and document everything, down to what kind of ice cream I had that day + who I shared those memories with. I work to freeze moments of time left with loved ones, remember those chunky baby thighs, and to relish the importance of that senior jersey.

Photographie continues to open doors and mixes well with my love for people. I truly enjoy working to capture the unique story individuals have to tell. Pictures should expel who a person really is: from a cheesy smile, to a beloved binky, a serious side, and even those raggedy old sneakers that have molded to one's feet. I commit to hanging upside down, making silly faces to make the kiddos laugh, and crawling around to ensure the perfect shot. 

I too have a family, and embrace how important it is to harness every moment. The fun times and precious memories that tend to be entirely too fleeting. I am a wife to my wonderful husband, Shane. We have a little boy, Bennett, born in 2013 and has absolutely stolen our hearts + his spitfire little sister born in 2015. So trust me, as a parent ... I totally get it.  

I strive to mix and match posed shots for those family cards, but I love candid shots to pause that moment in time; leaving you and your family memories for years to come of just how special these times in your life really are. 

I look forward to getting the chance to know more about you and piecing together the scrapbook of your life.