Headshots + Seniors

What It's All About: You want to present yourself and your business as decisive, important and indispensable. As a professional in your field (whether that be yoga, business, or even painting) it's important to capture your best self to share with future business partners. And in today's world with everything online, a professional headshot is a great place to start marketing yourself or your business. I can help you capture the perfect image to help tell your story.  Similarly, Before your graduate runs off to college, let's take some shots to capture the essence of that Senior Photo. Everything they're about and the personality you've grown to love. Include it all, the class ring, the senior jersey, the beloved dog.

Make the memories last, and give them something to laugh about later :)

Corporate Headshot Session Details:  Headshots vary based on profession, but are usually at least an hour.  

Senior Session Details:   Senior sessions are usually at least an hour and are meant to document your senior and showcase all of their beauty and talent. See below for more info regarding the session ... Inquire for more details + referral info and credits! 

Tips for your Senior session + what to bring:

Tip #1. Love it. Most importantly, bring stuff you love! Stuff you feel comfortable in. Stuff that makes you feel amazing.  Lack of comfort and confidence really affects your photos. Remember all those ’90’s portraits when guys were looking all awkward because they were forced to wear a suit and tie? That will not be you! I want you to look and feel amazing… I want you to rock the camera! (note: Don’t worry if mom makes you bring your track suit. We’ll appease her briefly :) and get on with our thing)

Tip #2Ten Outfits Please. Yes, it’s true, I like you to bring about 10 outfits to your Senior Portrait Session. We likely will not use them all, but why limit ourselves on what we have to work with? Bring lots of options so that we can choose colors + styles based on our surroundings and backdrops.

Tip #3. ‘Timeless’, ‘Sassy’, ‘Bold’. Focus on a word that describes the look you want while digging through your closet, and pick out the clothing that speaks to you.

Tip #4. Accessorize. Yep, this goes for guys too. Seriously, accessories are key. They make a plain outfit look awesome. Consider some of my favorites… fedoras (or other awesome hats), belts, sweet shoes, a bow tie, vest, cowboy boots, crazy cool earrings, sunglasses, big bracelets, hair flowers, gloves… bring it! Let’s play!

Tip #5. Color. Definitely bring some black and some solid colors, but also please bring a few pieces with vibrant color. Blues, Yellows, Greens, Reds. It could be an accessory… big yellow earrings, a purple belt or hat. It could be shoes… yellow Converse, red boots. It could be a jacket, lipstick or a shirt. Just bring a few pieces to add a splash of color to make your photos POP!

Tip #7. Texture.  Texture can come in so many forms… a large knit sweater, ruffles on a skirt, lacey stockings, polka dot rain boots… it simply adds an extra element. If you’ve got some texture, bring it.

Tip #8. Buy something new. Splurge. I give you permission. Whatever you love… buying something new can make you feel amazing… and that’s exactly what we’re going for. This is a big event. If a new outfit will make it that much better… do it.

Tip #9. Don’t forget the SHOES!!! Shoes can totally make your outfit. They pull everything together. Don’t skimp on the shoes! One pair is NOT enough… bring many pair of shoes. And I stress… SHOES!!!

Tip #10. Don’t Be Shy. You know how you see models in magazines wearing something ridiculous that you’d never wear in real life, but it look super cool in the picture? Point given. Bring your normal every day clothes, but don’t be shy to bring something crazy and outrageous!  If you really want a cool, unique look… rest assured, I will LOVE it that you brought that tiger costume, big furry onesy, or feather head dress. And I will make you look awesome.

Tip #11. Variety. Bring a variety to work with… clothes, accessories & shoes. You’ll be happy you did.   Just remember… Love what you bring to wear. Wear what makes you feel confident. Have fun. 

I believe in simple package and pricing options for my clients. Every session comes with a private online gallery in which you will have immediate access to download high resolution images and all printing rights.

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